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Phoenix Media/Communications Restructures, Names New Boston Editornew

Bill Jensen (pictured) will take the reins at the Boston Phoenix as part of its parent company's effort to assemble a staff with the right "mix of experience and youth," the Boston Globe reports this morning. Jensen was hired as the Phoenix's associate editor last year. His predecessor, Peter Kadzis, says "Bill is the hip, happening guy" who will focus in part on pop culture. Kadzis had been editor for 16 years; he now will become executive editor for Phoenix Media, which owns a radio station and a mobile marketing firm in addition to the Phoenix weeklies in Boston, Portland (Maine) and Providence (R.I.). The company's multiple operations and ability to strategize marketing across platforms may be the key to its survival in the future, Vice President Brad Mindich tells the Globe.
The Boston Globe (reg. req.)  |  07-26-2006  6:19 am  |  Industry News

Brad Mindich To Replace Barry Morris as Phoenix Media Presidentnew

Morris' upcoming retirement was announced Thursday morning via an e-mail from Brad Mindich (pictured) to employees of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group that was subsequently posted on senior writer Mark Jurkowitz's blog. Morris has worked for the company for 36 of its 40 years. "I find it a bit strange for me to be the one making this announcement," writes Mindich. "Barry has known me since I was a baby, known me well enough to have watched me taking baths in the sink of my family’s small West Roxbury apartment." Mindich is the son of Phoenix publisher and founder Stephen Mindich and has served as executive vice president for three years. Morris tells Jurkowitz that he's looking forward to new challenges, but adds, "It's very possible I can still play a role in the company."
The Boston Phoenix  |  03-24-2006  10:17 am  |  Industry News

Phoenix Media Plans Web Site Overhaulnew

The owner of alt-weeklies in Boston, Providence and Portland, Maine, will launch new sites for each paper on Jan. 1, according to the Boston Business Journal. Phoenix Media executive vice president Bradley Mindich says the $200,000 upgrade is a smart investment in light of the growth of Internet advertising. "In five years, it is highly probable that, as a converged media company, the Web could be the largest ad revenue generator for us," says Mindich. The Business Journal also reports that Phoenix competitor The Weekly Dig will launch a new site in March modeled after Boston.com but targeting the 18- to 34-year-old demographic.
Boston Business Journal via MSNBC  |  12-27-2005  12:29 pm  |  Industry News

Mark Jurkowitz on Why He Returnednew

After a decade at The Boston Globe, the media critic left New England's largest daily to take back his old job at The Boston Phoenix. In this piece, Jurkowitz explains why a "middle-aged journalist with mortgages" left the influence and economic benefits of a large paper for an alt-weekly "with fewer resources, less clout, and a smaller audience."
Poynter Online  |  10-27-2005  2:34 pm  |  Industry News

The Boston Phoenix Offers Text-Messaging Flirtation Servicenew

The alt-weekly has been advertising a text-messaging application known as txt2flirt, which is intended to appeal especially to young adults, Jennifer Saba reports in Editor & Publisher. Those who register can ask to be matched with someone else nearby and then tap out messages to communicate with a prospective friend or date. Each message costs 50 cents to send, and a share of the resulting income goes to the paper. The company that develops and handles the technology, g8wave, is a division of Tele-Publishing International, which is a division of Phoenix Media/Communications Group. The group owns The Boston Phoenix.
Editor & Publisher  |  05-26-2004  10:33 am  |  Industry News

Phoenix Buys FACE Magazine in Mainenew

The Phoenix Media/Communications Group has purchased the monthly music magazine founded in 1987 and will begin publishing it again in May, the Portland Press Herald reports. Beginning last year, FACE had been distributed in The Maine Weekly (formerly Casco Bay Weekly). But in February the Weekly's owner, Maine Publishing, filed for bankruptcy. Media holdings of the Phoenix group include three AAN papers, The Boston Phoenix, The Portland Phoenix and The Providence Phoenix.
MaineToday.com  |  04-19-2004  11:44 am  |  Industry News

Personals Giants Combinenew

Match.com and People2People/Tele-Publishing International, two of the biggest operators in online and voice personals, are coming together to offer users "a robust pool of potential dates and romantic partners," the two companies announced in a joint news release today. P2P/TPI, owned by Phoenix Media Communications Group, is the largest provider of voice personals. Match.com is a global provider of Internet personals. The two together will now have more than 1,000 media clients and reach millions of singles searching for romance.
Match.com/P2P/TPI news release  |  05-20-2003  4:21 pm  |  Press Releases

Alt-Weeklies Look to Media Rivals as Partners

Alternative newsweeklies have found myriad ways to team up with competitors for lucrative cross-promotional arrangements. Radio is perhaps the most common partner for alt-weeklies and music events the most frequent vehicle for cooperation, Ann Hinch writes for AAN News. Television and even print, however, have been mined by AAN members “to reach a broader audience and more diverse demographic.” (FULL STORY)
Ann Hinch  |  11-18-2002  12:34 pm  |  Industry News

Phoenix Media Plans Fall Debut in Portland, Maine

Mirrors Boston Model with FM Station (FULL STORY)
Patrick Sullivan  |  07-26-1999  11:51 am  |  Industry News