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Dodge Morgan, Owner of Two Former AAN Papers, Dies at 78new

Morgan owned the Maine Times and Casco Bay Weekly, both of which are now defunct.
Portland Press Herald  |  09-21-2010  12:34 pm  |  Industry News

Buyers Calling Casco Bay Publishernew

Lael Morgan tells E&P's Lucia Moses that buyers have been calling since Casco Bay Weekly was shuttered two weeks ago. Morgan blames the economy and the Portland Phoenix for the weekly's closure. "We haven't had a national ad since they arrived," she tells E&P.
Editor & Publisher  |  12-04-2002  10:14 am  |  Industry News

CBW's Early Days Recalled

Casco Bay Weekly's co-founders, Monte Paulsen and Gary Santaniello, mourn the closure of the alternative newsweekly they opened in 1988. "It was glorious," Paulsen says of the early days in Portland, Maine, when the staff delivered the paper by themselves and the photographer worked in the staff bathroom. The paper closed Nov. 21, unable to stem financial losses and fight off competition from the Portland Phoenix. (FULL STORY)
Marty Levine  |  11-26-2002  2:40 pm  |  Industry News

Tempers Still Hot in Portland

A battle of words still rages in Portland, Maine, two weeks after Dodge Morgan fired most of the editorial staff at Casco Bay Weekly. Editor Chris Busby says Morgan was a “philanthropist” who suddenly panicked about the paper’s losing money. Morgan and his ex-wife, Lael Morgan, say Busby and his all-male staff were insubordinate and hostile. Not only that, Lael Morgan says someone peed into a trash bag full of files found after the firings. Not us, insists a furious Busby. (FULL STORY)
03-18-2002  12:36 pm  |  Industry News

Casco Bay Weekly Fires Editorial Staffnew

Dodge Morgan, owner of the Casco Bay Weekly, has fired the alt-weekly's editor, deputy editor and both staff writers, the Portland Press Herald reports. Morgan tells the Press Herald the paper has been losing money for more than a year. He says the paper will keep printing despite the layoffs. When asked how, Morgan responds, "That's Lael's problem." Lael Morgan, his ex-wife, is the weekly's publisher.
Portland Press Herald  |  03-07-2002  9:30 am  |  Industry News

From Casco Bay: Behind the Counter at a 21st Century McD'snew

"Please don't eat at McDonalds," begs Chris Barry, who went undercover to work at one of the chain's locations in Portland, Maine. Warning: Don't read this Casco Bay Weekly story after a meal, especially if you dined on fast food.
Casco Bay Weekly  |  10-03-2001  7:54 am  |  Industry News

Competition Heats Up In Portland, Maine

Changes At Casco Bay; A Quick Start For the Phoenix. (FULL STORY)
Amanda Fazzone  |  03-03-2000  11:51 am  |  Industry News