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Alt-Weekly Writer's 'Cowboy Cookbook' Examines Texas Food Historynew

Houston Press food critic Robb Walsh's seventh book, The Texas Cowboy Cookbook: A History in Recipes and Photos, was released earlier this month by Broadway Books. The Post-Gazette says it's "full of hearty and luscious recipes as well as lore about, and photos of, cowboys that'll lasso you, even if you never cook one of these multiculturally inspired dishes." These dishes include the adventerous "Son of a Bitch," which features tongue from a suckling calf, chitterlings, half a liver, a heart, a kidney, skirt steaks and brains. "I've tasted it," Walsh says. "I've never cooked it."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  |  04-25-2007  12:26 pm  |  Industry News

Alt-Weeklies Take Home SPJ Awards in Texasnew

The Fort Worth Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists presented a total of seven First Amendment awards to Fort Worth Weekly and the Houston Press last week, the Houston Chronicle reports. The Weekly won a first-place award in the "Student" category for their collaborative effort with students on excessive use of Tasers by law enforcement. In addition, the Weekly won two second-place and one third-place awards, while the Houston Press won two third-place and one second-place award.
Houston Chronicle  |  04-16-2007  8:44 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Houston Press Reporter Wins IRE Awardnew

All the finalists in the "Newspapers: Local Circulation Weeklies" category were AAN members, but Todd Spivak came out on top for "Run Over By Metro." The prestigious awards, given by Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc., recognize the most outstanding watchdog journalism of the year. Judges said Spivak's "compelling and vivid narrative writing gives extraordinary power to the victims' stories and fuels the outrage over the agency's misconduct." The other finalists were Sarah Fenske of Phoenix New Times (for "Cracked Houses"), Dan Frosch of the Santa Fe Reporter (for "The Wexford Files"), and Matthew Fleischer of LA Weekly (for "Navahoax").
Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc.  |  03-27-2007  9:12 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Alt-Weeklies Take Home Five National Awards for Education Reportingnew

AAN members are well-represented in the 2006 awards given out by the Education Writers Association, with a near-sweep of "Feature, News Feature or Issue Package" for papers under 100,000 circulation. In that category, Todd Spivak of the Houston Press took home First Place for "Cut Short," while Special Citations were awarded to Willamette Week's Beth Slovic for "Illegal Scholar," the Houston Press' Margaret Downing for "Opt In, Opt Out," and New Times Broward-Palm Beach's Kelly Cramer for "FCAT Scratch Fever." Kristen Hinman of Riverfront Times received a First Place award in the "Investigative Reporting" category for her Vashon High School Series.
Education Writers Association Press Release  |  03-02-2007  1:04 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Houston Press Marketing Manager Also Former Hoops Starnew

As a guard for Springfield (Ill.) High School in the early 90's, Shatonia Levy scored 2,043 points and made all-state teams chosen by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and the Champaign News-Gazette. It is perhaps appropriate, then, that she ended up in the newspaper biz. The brain-tumor survivor, who now runs promotions and marketing for the Houston weekly, is a high school basketball "legend," according to a profile in the State-Journal Register. "She has the best all-around skills of any kid that I have seen come out of the city," says a former coach. "Her instincts were just so good. There was nothing she couldn't do."
The State-Journal Register  |  01-24-2007  4:22 pm  |  Industry News

Hot Off the Press: The Tragedy of Gary Webbnew

OC Weekly editor Nick Schou's book about the dire last days of journalist Gary Webb is out at last, and many AAN members are excerpting it. Schou first met Webb at the peak of the controversy over "Dark Alliance," his 1996 San Jose Mercury Press series on collusion between the CIA and cocaine-trafficking Nicaraguan contras. Scourged by the mainstream media, a broke and unconsolable Webb sank into depression and committed suicide in December 2004. "Kill the Messenger: How the CIA's Crack Cocaine Controversy Destroyed Gary Webb" grew out of an OC Weekly article Schou wrote following his death. In "In These Times," former Village Voice columnist Doug Ireland calls Schou's book a "a meticulous, balanced account" of the affair and "a cautionary tale for anyone considering a career in investigative journalism."
Houston Press  |  10-11-2006  3:50 pm  |  Industry News

Houston Press Chronicled Jet-Setting of Hastert's Would-Be Confessornew

K.A. Paul, the jet-setting evangelical minister who attempted to persuade House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert to resign amid the fallout of PageGate, is himself no stranger to controversy. Josh Harkinson relates in Mother Jones how his former paper, the Houston Press, exposed the cleric's profligate use of a private jet.
Mother Jones  |  10-11-2006  9:23 am  |  Industry News

Village Voice Media Writers Tapped for Clarion Awards

The winners of the Clarion Awards were recently announced, and Patricia Calhoun, editor of Westword, took first place in the Regular Opinion/Editorial category, small circulation division, for her weekly column. Houston Press Staff Writer Todd Spivak also won for his feature story "Against All Odds" in the small circulation division, and SF Weekly Staff Writer Cristi Hegranes won for her feature story "The Identity Makers" in the large circulation division. Both men and women are eligible for the Clarion Awards, which are presented by The Association for Women in Communications.
09-22-2006  8:39 am  |  Industry News

DEA Seizes Drugs From Houston Press Reporter

Craig Malisow "crossed the line" during his investigation into online pharmacy referral services, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Two agents from the DEA visited the Houston Press office yesterday and seized some generic Vicodin and anabolic steroids that Malisow had purchased through an online service, he reveals in a story published today on HoustonPress.com. The letter from Malisow that was published on Romenesko yesterday, in which the reporter mentioned purchasing the painkillers and asked for advice in dealing with a blackmail attempt from one of the service's employees, was "a bonehead move" that was "directly from the King of Bad Ideas, Lord of Planet Dumbass," he says. Michael Lacey, executive editor of Village Voice Media, addressed the blackmail attempt and the seizure in a statement released this morning, saying the company believes "the entire shooting match" would benefit "from full disclosure as well as a vigorous legal defense."
06-08-2006  10:07 am  |  Industry News

Houston Press Reporter: I'm Being Blackmailednew

Romenesko Misc.  |  06-07-2006  7:28 am  |  Industry News

Alt-Weeklies Lap Up Nominations in Food-Writing Awards

Foodies at Creative Loafing (Atlanta), Riverfront Times, Westword, L.A. Weekly, East Bay Express, City Pages (Twin Cities), Phoenix New Times, and Houston Press picked up ten of the 21 nominations for which they qualified in the 2006 James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards announced today. The complete list is available as a PDF here. Alt-weeklies were particularly dominant in the "Newspaper Writing on Spirits, Wine or Beer" category, in which all three nominees are AAN members. The awards recognize and honor excellence and achievement in the culinary arts.
03-16-2006  1:26 pm  |  Industry News

Circulation Software Makes Life Easier at Alt-Weeklies

A recent survey of AAN papers revealed that the applications alt-weeklies are using to track circulation are as diverse as the newspapers themselves. A few papers rely on their in-house wiz for a custom-made program, but for the rest of the industry, a commercial package is the only sophisticated option. Alt-weekly circulation insiders describe their woes, successes, and dreams of better uses for the numbers. (FULL STORY)
Isaiah Thompson  |  03-06-2006  10:53 am  |  Association News

New Times Newspapers Dominate NABJ Awards

The National Association of Black Journalists announced the winners of its Salute to Excellence Awards competition this weekend in Washington, D.C. The organization handed out six first-place prizes for newspapers with circulations of 150,000 or less, and every last one of them were awarded to New Times papers. Here's the complete list of NABJ award winners.
10-18-2005  12:29 pm  |  Industry News