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Gambit Weekly Celebrates 25 'Earthshaking' Yearsnew

Gambit's bittersweet anniversary issue includes reflections from a number of notable former staffers on the history of the paper and of New Orleans. "There could not be a time when the mission we imagined 25 years ago could be more relevant, or more urgent," writes Gambit founder Gary Esolen. AAN and its members who helped out in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina are given thanks in an article by Eileen Loh Harrist on Gambit's role in the alt-weekly world. And Publisher Margo DuBos says that the Gambit's current small staff and tight temporary quarters remind her of the paper's early days in "a wonderful way": "Everyone here is doing the work of three people and doing it with such strong feelings and emotional ties to their jobs."
Gambit Weekly  |  03-27-2006  11:57 am  |  Industry News

Tisserand's Latest Essay Available for Free to AAN Members

Michael Tisserand, who wrote the "Submerged" series about the evacuee experience in post-Katrina New Orleans, argues for a National Mardi Gras in the Jan. 24 issue of Gambit Weekly. "It's time to honor the dead and celebrate the living," Tisserand writes. The article is available to AAN member newspapers for reprint at no charge.
01-24-2006  12:30 pm  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly Asks AAN Members to Run Ads for 'Best Of' Issue

Gambit Weekly's annual "Best of New Orleans" issue was printed but never distributed, thanks to Hurricane Katrina. Gambit printed an abbreviated list of winners in October, but the paper received many requests for the full issue. The Gambit staff decided to sell the issue for $10 per copy, with proceeds benefiting The Foundation for Entertainment Development and Education, Inc., a nonprofit organization that funds projects and programs that acknowledge the importance of the performing arts to the New Orleans area. In a press release, publisher Margo DuBos said, "We hope that interested AAN members will run an ad promoting the sales of the issue on a space-available basis." The ad can be viewed here; for a different size or file format, contact Rebecca Thiel at rebeccat@gambitweekly.com.
12-28-2005  9:25 am  |  Industry News

Former Gambit Editor Michael Tisserand Involved in Election Lawsuit

According to the The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Tisserand is one of four plaintiffs suing in federal court to overturn Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco's decision to postpone the city's mayoral and City Council elections indefinitely. Tisserand plans to relocate to the Chicago suburbs. He chronicled his post-Katrina experiences and decision to leave New Orleans in "Submerged," a series of articles commissioned by AAN.
12-15-2005  2:28 pm  |  Industry News

Final Gambit Relief Fund Payments Are Issued

Now that it has distributed a total of $2,797.71 to each of Gambit Weekly's 48 staffers, AAN has closed the relief fund designed to help the paper's employees overcome the blow delivered by Hurricane Katrina. In the 10 weeks since it was established, the Gambit Relief Fund received donations totaling $135,558 from 33 organizations and more than 240 individuals. A complete list of contributors appears at the bottom of the story. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  11-15-2005  3:53 pm  |  Association News

Gambit Weekly Resumes Publication

Two months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the city's alt-weekly is hitting the streets with a new issue and a focus on the city's future. Given that those streets are still dominated by trash, debris and discarded refrigerators, Gambit's speedy return feels like a triumph. The 64-page issue is being distributed wherever people are returning to live and work, and publisher Margo DuBos says that she has been thrilled with the community's response. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  11-01-2005  12:39 pm  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly to Return Nov. 1

Even though Hurricane Katrina left its office (pictured) submerged under more than two feet of water, co-owners Margo and Clancy DuBos always knew the paper would make a comeback. "We're about to celebrate our 25th anniversary [at Gambit]," says Margo. "How could I work that hard and get the company where it is and walk away from that?" The paper will initially operate from a temporary office space in Metairie, La., but it will have to do so without editor Michael Tisserand, who has made the difficult decision to relocate with his family to the Chicago area. (FULL STORY)
Joy Howard  |  10-12-2005  8:27 am  |  Industry News

"Submerged" Gets Props From NBC News Anchor

In an entry in his MSNBC blog on Monday, network newsman Brian Williams called Part 4 of Michael Tisserand's AAN-commissioned series on the evacuee experience, "a fine piece of journalism" and a "sobering and instructive piece of writing." Speaking of the displaced Gambit Weekly editor, in addition to producing fine journalism, he and some of his former neighbors recently started a new school for their children in New Iberia, La. In case you missed it yesterday on CBS' The Early Show, you can read about the Sugar Cane Academy here.
10-05-2005  5:17 pm  |  Industry News

AAN Makes Second Relief Payment as Gambit Fund Passes Six Figures

The association has collected over $106,000 in charitable contributions since the effort to raise money for Gambit Weekly employees was announced on Sept. 2. A second payment of $1,000 was wired yesterday to each of those employees, who were evacuated from their homes and left without jobs or income after Hurricane Katrina struck. Most of the money raised has come from AAN-member papers and their employees, although contributions began to trickle in last week from readers as well. (FULL STORY)
10-05-2005  6:57 pm  |  Association News

Gambit Weekly Managing Editor Leaves AAN to Return to Louisiana

Newly named AAN assistant editor Shala Carlson (pictured), who was serving as Gambit Weekly's managing editor prior to Hurricane Katrina, has decided to return to Louisiana. "I think I just acted too quickly," Carlson says. "I believed I was ready to make a move, but I didn't anticipate how much I need friends and family and familiarity right now." AAN posted a help-wanted ad today for the newly reopened position. (FULL STORY)
09-20-2005  9:11 am  |  Association News

AAN FEMA Disaster Articles Appear in Blogosphere

As the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina continue to unfold, blogs the Web over are turning to the discussion of what exactly went wrong in those crucial early hours. The 2004 AAN-sponsored FEMA disaster story appears often. Most notably, Eschaton and Washington Monthly have linked to the story and the Sept. 7 follow-up published on altweeklies.com, both written by Jon Elliston of the Independent Weekly. In addition, a Louisiana-specific report written by Gambit Weekly staffer Eileen Loh-Harrist shows up on Talking Points Memo.
09-16-2005  10:01 am  |  Industry News