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Former Gambit Theater Writer Diesnew

Al Shea, a longtime New Orleans actor, TV personality and critic for Gambit and other outlets, died early this morning after a long battle with bladder cancer. He was 80. Shea was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Gambit's Big Easy Awards earlier this year for his contributions to New Orleans.
The Gambit  |  08-20-2009  1:27 pm  |  Industry News

Louisiana Alt-Weeklies Grab Dozens of State Press Awardsnew

Lafayette's The Independent Weekly won 29 awards and New Orleans' Gambit Weekly won 10 in the Louisiana Press Association's annual contest. The Independent snagged first place for Editorial Cartoon, Feature Story, Lifestyle Coverage, Multimedia Element, Web Project and six advertising awards. Gambit won firsts for Regular Column and online advertising. The two papers tied for first place in Community Service/Service to Readers.
Louisiana Press Association  |  04-28-2009  8:44 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Gambit Weekly Editor Chats About the State of Alt-Weekly Cartoonsnew

"The cutback in cartoons has less to do with the budget than it does with page counts going down," Kevin Allman tells "Idiot Box" cartoonist Matt Bors. "What you see as $25 for a cartoon, the publishers see as potential ad space that could sell for 10x that amount." Allman says that in New Orleans, they ended up sticking with local cartoonists rather than nationally syndicated ones. "Their drawings are the equivalent of local news stories," he says. "And I try to treat them with as much respect as I do the columnists, but they have to suffer too with the smaller page layouts."
Bors Blog  |  02-03-2009  11:21 am  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly Publisher, Editor Receive Anti-Defamation League Awardnew

Gambit publisher Margo DuBos and her husband, political editor Clancy DuBos, will be honored with the Anti-Defamation League's A.I. Botnick "Torch of Liberty Award" at a Dec. 14 dinner in New Orleans. "Under the direction of Margo and Clancy, Gambit has won scores of local, regional and national awards for innovative, incisive and robust journalism," the letter from the ADL reads. "The weekly's editorial positions reflect the ADL's commitment to equal opportunity and opposition to bigotry in any form."
Gambit Weekly  |  10-15-2008  8:28 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Gambit Weekly Names New Editornew

Kevin Allman will take over as Gambit editor next week, replacing Clancy DuBos, who will remain on staff as political editor. DuBos co-owns the paper with his wife, publisher and CEO Margo DuBos, and is chairman of Gambit Communications Inc. "There are journalists in this country that would kill to be able to enterprise their own stories, work their own beats, and get the space they need to do their craft. They can do that at Gambit," Allman writes on his blog. "Now I get to join them, and I can't tell you how happy I am about that."
Gambit Weekly  |  10-03-2008  9:26 am  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly Food Columnist Pens Katrina Memoir

Ian McNulty's A Season of Night: New Orleans Life After Katrina "certainly ranks as one of the better Katrina memoirs," according to John Sledge, a columnist for the Alabama daily Press-Register. "McNulty's approach is defiantly, if quietly, personal," notes Gambit Weekly's Caroline Goyette. "It's this tight focus, combined with the author's fine eye for detail and his honest, introspective narration, that gives the book its considerable power."
AAN News  |  09-22-2008  12:55 pm  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly is Back in Business

After distributing this week's issue one day early, on Saturday, so readers fleeing Hurricane Gustav could grab a copy on their way out of town, about half of Gambit's staff are back in the office today, publisher Margo DuBos tells AAN News. The entire staff of 35 are expected back tomorrow. Much of New Orleans is still without power, but Gambit is running on a generator purchased after Katrina, furiously working on next week's issue, which will see the light of day on Monday, just one day after the paper's unusual Sunday street date. The alt-weekly also kept a steady pace of blogging over at the Blog of New Orleans before, during, and after the storm.
AAN News  |  09-04-2008  1:40 pm  |  Industry News

Alt-Weekly Editor is Main Character in Katrina Novelnew

Tom Piazza's new novel City of Refuge, released yesterday by Harper books, features an editor of a fictional New Orleans alt-weekly named Gumbo who evacuates to Chicago after Hurricane Katrina. As the Times-Picayune points out, that character "certainly bears a resemblance to Michael Tisserand, former Gambit editor." But Piazza explains that all the characters are fictional. "Even if a writer is writing a novel about his or her best friend, in the course of that writing, the friend turns into something else -- a character," he says. When asked about the resemblance, Tisserand tells Gambit that "the scaffolding [for the character] is in part me, but the building is all Tom's."
The Times-Picayune  |  08-20-2008  10:07 am  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly Picks Up a Dozen Local Press Club Awardsnew

Gambit won a total of 12 awards at the 50th annual Press Club of New Orleans awards competition, including four first-place finishes. The paper took the Ashton Phelps Sr. Memorial Award for excellence in editorial writing, and finished first in column, general news, and headline writing. In addition, former Gambit intern and current contributor Lauren LaBorde was one of three students to receive a journalism scholarship at the ceremony.
Gambit Weekly  |  07-29-2008  8:42 am  |  Honors & Achievements

AAN's Louisiana Contingent Piles Up the State Press Awardsnew

Both Gambit Weekly and The Independent Weekly went home last month with awards from The Louisiana Press Association. The Independent won a total of 38 awards in the editorial and ad/design competitions. These included first-place finishes on the editorial side in Community Service/Service to Readers Website; Continuing Coverage of a Governmental Issue; Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event; Editorial Cartoon; Feature Story; Lifestyle Coverage; and News Coverage. On the ad/design side, the Independent won first in Ad Campaign; Black and White 1/2 Page or Under (Staff-generated); Black and White Over 1/2 Page (Staff-generated); In-Paper Promotion (Color); and Multiple Advertiser Page. Gambit Weekly took home a total of seven awards in the editorial competition, including a first-place finish in Regular Column.
Louisiana Press Association (PDF file)  |  05-15-2008  8:59 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Gambit Weekly Columnist and Family on Family Feud

Ronnie Virgets and his loved ones stomped the competition and will return for tomorrow's episode of the TV game show, according to Michael Tisserand, Virget's ex-editor at Gambit. "The whole family wore crawfish beads and the host (John O'Hurley) announced that they were from New Orleans, 'America's most resilient city,'" reports Tisserand, who also touts Virgets latest book, "Lost Bread," which includes his account of being rescued from the top of his house after Katrina. "I think that account is the best descriptive writing about Katrina that's been published anywhere," says Tisserand.
AAN  |  11-15-2006  3:22 pm  |  Association News

Gambit Weekly's Clancy DuBos Participated in Katrina Rescue Efforts

After safely evacuating from his home near Lake Pontchartrain last year, Gambit Weekly Editor Clancy DuBos found a friend with a boat and headed back to New Orleans to help his neighbors. Baton Rouge television station WAFB describes his good deeds as part of its Hurricane Katrina anniversary coverage.
09-05-2006  5:48 pm  |  Industry News

New Orleans Media Experiences 'An Extraordinary Transformation'

Brooke Gladstone interviewed several New Orleans media notables for the April 28 edition of "On the Media" (transcript here; MP3 here) and concludes that since the disaster, residents have been consuming "barrels of information supplied by a reinvented media like a tonic." Gambit Weekly Managing Editor David Lee Simmons tells Gladstone that he has been asked, "How does it feel to compete with the daily newspaper when the daily newspaper is acting like an alternative newsweekly?" He interprets this as a "reenergizing" of the local daily, the Times-Picayune, but adds that "the challenge for them is to maintain that level of energy, and it's going to be interesting to see how they do that."
05-04-2006  8:54 am  |  Industry News

Gambit Weekly Goes Home

After more than five months exiled in a cramped temporary office in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, the Gambit staff is thrilled to move back into their building in Mid-City New Orleans. "Some things still don't work, but we don't care," says Publisher Margo DuBos. The paper is continuing to build toward its pre-storm ad sales and page count, even as the desperate situation in the city makes Gambit's reporting vital. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  04-11-2006  9:03 am  |  Industry News