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Independent Publisher to Take 3-Month Sabbatical

Fran Zankowski to Serve as "Visiting Publisher" (FULL STORY)
02-24-2005  6:04 pm  |  Press Releases

Alt-Weekly Ad Urges Readers to Ditch Nader for Kerrynew

Nader-supporting alt-weekly readers living in 10 swing states will see full-page ads next week urging them to vote Kerry in 2004. The ads promote a statement by more than 70 former Nader supporters -- including Noam Chomsky, Ben Cohen and Susan Sarandon -- who endorse voting for Kerry in states where he's running neck and neck with Bush. Colorado Springs Independent publisher John Weiss, who organized the campaign, says, "Our goal is to reach voters who have been almost entirely neglected in this campaign: swing voters on the left."
The Unity Campaign press release  |  10-21-2004  5:07 pm  |  Industry News

Real Musicians Have Day Jobs

They need to make a living but can't afford to let the conformity demanded by some day jobs sap their creative spirit. Independent Weekly's Leslie Land, Tucson Weekly's Marc Desilets and others explain the migration of musicians to the classified sales departments of alternative newsweeklies. What's the appeal? Good pay, good vibes -- altogether a decent daylight gig for a breed that Cincinnati CityBeat's Chuck Davis has dubbed "rawker-ad-hawkers." (FULL STORY)
Noel Black  |  08-04-2004  11:02 am  |  Industry News

In Response to Critic, Publisher Admits Quoting Cheneynew

After Colorado Springs Independent Publisher John Weiss received a Small Business Person of the Year award from the local Chamber of Commerce, an office-supply store owner named Ed Bircham took out newspaper ads questioning whether Weiss deserved it. Responding to allegations made in Bircham's ads, Weiss admits in his latest column that, yes, the Independent had indeed used profanity in the paper recently when it quoted what Vice President Dick Cheney said to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. Weiss also pleaded guilty to running same-sex personal ads in the paper. But the alt-weekly publisher didn't sound the least bit remorseful.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  07-26-2004  4:10 pm  |  Industry News

Colorado Springs Independent Turns 10new

And they're celebrating with a special issue and a public birthday bash in a park across the street from the paper's new office building. In addition to a rear-view mirror look at the paper's coverage of educational and environmental issues, this week's Indy includes features like "Top Ten Reasons the Independent Must Die" (No. 4: "They're sex-crazed, amoral sodomists.") and, for connoisseurs of the publisher's occasionally garbled syntax, "Top Ten John Weissisms" (No. 1: "We're growing like hotcakes!").
Colorado Springs Independent  |  08-07-2003  3:57 pm  |  Industry News

Alt-Weeklies Look to Media Rivals as Partners

Alternative newsweeklies have found myriad ways to team up with competitors for lucrative cross-promotional arrangements. Radio is perhaps the most common partner for alt-weeklies and music events the most frequent vehicle for cooperation, Ann Hinch writes for AAN News. Television and even print, however, have been mined by AAN members “to reach a broader audience and more diverse demographic.” (FULL STORY)
Ann Hinch  |  11-18-2002  12:34 pm  |  Industry News

City Drops Request for Gag Ordernew

Faced with a challenge from the ACLU, the City of Colorado Springs cancels a hearing on its request for an injunction against the Colorado Springs Independent and drops all charges against the paper. The city was trying to block the paper from publishing any information from Detective Jeffrey Huddleston's personnel file. By mistake, the detective's entire file was given to Editor Cara Degette and reporter John Dicker, who were working on an investigative piece. When the mistake was discovered, the City demanded that Dicker turn over the notes he'd been taking.
ACLU Foundation of Colorado  |  11-08-2002  4:57 pm  |  Industry News

Dissenters Don't Matternew

Colorado Springs Independent  |  10-31-2001  2:18 pm  | 

Colorado Springs Independent Reports That Indian Religious Freedom Threatenednew

Pamela White takes a look at a kind of religious violence that has been largely ignored by the media. In northern Arizona, Hopi Tribal employees bulldozed a Diné sacred site, in full view of federal authorities. The reason? “To prevent illegal political activity,” White writes.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  10-03-2001  12:15 pm  | 

Alternative Papers Rip Up Fronts to Cover Terrorist Nightmare

Across the country, alternative newsweeklies ditched their planned front pages as the awesome events of Tuesday unfolded. East Coast papers like The Village Voice and Washington City Paper are sharing stories and pictures with colleagues from Maine to California. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  09-12-2001  4:11 pm  |  Industry News