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Cartoonist Writes About Transition to "Altie" Worldnew

Cartoonist Steve Greenberg -- who recently took an Honorable Mention prize at the AltWeekly Awards -- writes about the highs and lows of contributing to an alt-weekly after years of working for daily newspapers.
The Cagle Post  |  07-23-2010  2:09 pm  |  Industry News

SoCal Journalism Award Finalists Include a Handful of Alt-Weekliesnew

The Los Angeles Press Club has announced the finalists for its 52nd Annual Southern California Journalism Awards, and four AAN members and one alt-weekly affiliated columnist are in the running this year. LA Weekly has 23 finalists in 14 categories, including Journalist of the Year (Patrick Range McDonald and Christine Pelisek), Entertainment Journalist (Scott Foundas), Designer (Darrick Rainey) and Online Journalist (Dennis Romero). OC Weekly has five finalists in five categories, including Journalist of the Year (R. Scott Moxley) and Designer (Kelly Lewis). The Pasadena Weekly has seven finalists in six categories, and the Ventura County Reporter has one finalist. Meanwhile, Advice Goddess Amy Alkon is a finalist for five awards, including Journalist of the Year. Winners will be announced on June 27.
Los Angeles Press Club (PDF)  |  05-27-2010  8:54 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Editorial Cartoonists Discuss Newspaper Cutbacksnew

"In spite of the bad news that keeps streaming out of newsrooms, editorial cartoonists are not giving up," USC Annenberg publication Neon Tommy reports. "Most of the small community of 300 editorial cartoonists is adapting, experimenting with new media and sharpening its business sense." Among those who discuss the industry's future with Kevin Douglas Grant are Steve Greenberg, who contributes to the Ventura County Reporter, and Matt Bors, whose "Idiot Box" comic appears in several alt-weeklies. "I have a 'last man standing' strategy," Bors says. "I'm living in a shitty apartment, sleeping on an air mattress. I can't go down any further. Or maybe I could, but I don't plan on it."
Neon Tommy  |  12-18-2009  10:23 am  |  Industry News

Recession's Latest Victim: Hipsters?new

Matt Singer, formerly a staffer at the Ventura County Reporter, moved up the coast to Portland in October with hopes of landing another alt-weekly editorial gig. The Wall Street Journal reports that Singer's quest has been less-than-successful, and uses that anecdote as a springboard into a piece that details how cities like Portland are dealing with a continual influx of hipsters and fewer and fewer jobs. (A story BusinessInsider.com summarized as: "Hipsters In Portland Can't Get Jobs Writing For Alt-Weekly Newspapers.") Willamette Week gets a shout-out in the story as well, for its new "Restaurant Apocalypse" column, which keeps track of the city's myriad restaurant closings.
Wall Street Journal  |  05-19-2009  9:43 am  |  Industry News

Another Axed Editorial Cartoonist Finds a Home at an Alt-Weeklynew

Steve Greenberg, who drew editorial cartoons for the Ventura County Star until a few months ago, will now draw weekly cartoons for the Ventura County Reporter. In December, Brian Duffy made a similar jump in Des Moines, Iowa. "The Reporter is giving me a chance to restart and recharge," Greenberg writes. "Sometimes, when the roller-coaster stops working, you've gotta give the Ferris wheel a spin."
Ventura County Reporter  |  01-23-2009  9:21 am  |  Industry News

Alt-Weeklies Well-Represented in LA Press Club Awardsnew

When the Los Angeles Press Club announced the 50th annual Southern California Journalism Awards on Saturday night, five AAN papers and an Associate Member were honored. LA Weekly took home 16 awards, including first place in Editorial Cartoon, Entertainment Feature, Online Entertainment, News/Feature/Commentary and Signed Commentary. OC Weekly won a total of five awards, including first place for Entertainment Reviews/Criticism/Column, Group Blog, and Sports. Ventura County Reporter received a first-place prize for News Feature, while Los Angeles CityBeat won three awards and Pasadena Weekly won two. Associate Member Amy Alkon, aka the Advice Goddess, won four awards, including first place for Column.
Los Angeles Press Club  |  06-23-2008  12:36 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Ventura County Reporter Editor Steps Down

Bill Lascher says in an email that June 25 will be his last day as editor of the Reporter, as he leaves to attend a new master's program in specialized journalism at the University of Southern California. He will be replaced by Michael Sullivan, who was previously a writer at the Fresno Business Journal and a freelancer with the Reporter and the Ventura County Star.
AAN News  |  06-19-2008  10:17 am  |  Industry News

Amy vs. Amy Split Semantic Hairs Over Headline

When syndicated Advice Goddess Amy Alkon used "polyamory" in a headline for a column on a cheating boyfriend that appeared in the Ventura County Reporter, Poynter contributor Amy Gahran took issue, pointing out the word's true meaning described consensually open relationships. Gahran's reproof precipitated a war of words between the semanticistas that MediaBistro's FishbowlLA blog is calling the "the on-line equivalent of a cat fight."
10-03-2006  11:04 am  |  Industry News

Ventura County Reporter Turns 30new

Instead of counting its gray hairs, the Reporter staff takes a look back at the music, arts and politics that have shaped its community over the past 30 years. "What we're most proud of, believe it or not, is when we've riled up our readership enough (positively or negatively) that we start receiving letters," writes Editor Stephanie Kinnear. "Because this is a dialogue." In one of the anniversary issue's features, staff writer Saundra Sorenson hunts down the oldest existing paper copy of the Reporter -- which, it turns out, is from 1997.
Ventura County Reporter  |  08-21-2006  6:54 am  |  Industry News

Nick Goodenough: In the Midst of a Jostling Crowd

One of the youngest winners of a 2005 AltWeekly Award is Nick Goodenough, whose column for Ventura County Reporter, "Nick at Night," took first place for photography in the small-paper division. In an interview with AAN intern Lindsay Kishter, Goodenough explains how he managed to take photos on packed dance floors without blurring his subjects or losing his grip on his camera. This is the first in a series titled "How I Got That Story" that will highlight the AltWeekly Awards' first-place winners. (FULL STORY)
Lindsay Kishter  |  10-07-2005  1:44 pm  |  Association News

AAN Editors Think Local in Adding Content

Rather than just deliver the same old reliable features and columns every week, editors of AAN papers look for ways to tweak their content, thus attracting new readers and re-engaging the faithful. But there's no sense rounding up a focus group to predict what new ingredients will work when freelancers, staff and the guy on the next barstool are all eager to give their advice. John Dicker interviews editors of four weeklies who messed with the mix to get happy results. (FULL STORY)
John Dicker  |  03-04-2004  7:27 pm  |  Industry News

New Publisher, Editor at Southland Pubs

Marc Brancaccio leaves New Times Los Angeles to become publisher of Pasadena Weekly, replacing Charles Gerencser, who has moved to San Diego to start up San Diego CityBeat. At Ventura County Reporter, Sharon McKenna, also an alt-weekly veteran, becomes editor, replacing David Rolland, who is editor at CityBeat. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  07-29-2002  12:50 pm  |  Industry News

Comden Buys SLAMM, Mulls an Overhaul

David Comden, group publisher of the renamed Southland Publishing Inc. (formerly Ventura Newspaper, Inc.), says San Diego is a “big-boy market.” The purchase of SLAMM, a San Diego music biweekly, gives Southland a chance to play in the big boys’ lot. Comden says it’s likely SLAMM will be transformed into a AAN-style alternative newsweekly. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  06-07-2002  1:11 pm  |  Industry News