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Coast Weekly Writer Covers Battle for Hearts and Minds in Iraq

Andrew Scutro wanted to see how well American troops communicated with Iraqis when he went to the suffering Middle East nation but confronted some communication barriers of his own. He would have loved to accompany an Iraqi handyman to his neighborhood but was warned that being seen with an American could endanger the man. Freelance writer Whitney Joiner interviews Scutro about the weeks he spent embedded with a civil affairs unit. (FULL STORY)
Whitney Joiner  |  01-29-2004  3:01 pm  |  Industry News

AAN’S Smallest Paper Publishes in Rock 'n' Roll Time

Brad Nelson, the 33-year-old founder, editor and publisher of Duluth, Minnesota’s Ripsaw News, moonlights as the drummer for the blues-rocking Black-Eyed Snakes. Although he occasionally leaves the paper for weeks at a time to join the band on tour, Ripsaw has helped revitalize the city’s small indie scene and raised its political awareness. (FULL STORY)
Whitney Joiner  |  10-30-2003  4:32 pm  |  Industry News

Westword Hosts Film Shoot

The offices of Denver’s alt weekly were transformed into a movie set last week for director John Sayles’ (pictured) next movie, Silver City. Presently lensing in the Mile High City, Sayles' film is about a “George W. Bush-like” character, played by Chris Cooper, who’s running for Colorado governor. Westword Editor Patricia Calhoun will have a small role in the movie if she doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. (FULL STORY)
Whitney Joiner  |  10-21-2003  10:50 am  |  Industry News

Ultra-Conservative Ex-Congressman New Columnist For Creative Loafing

National Rifle Association member and right-wing firebrand Bob Barr was hired recently to write a regular column for the Creative Loafing chain's flagship paper in Atlanta. Editor Ken Edelstein hopes that publishing Barr will broaden readers' perspectives -- and spice up the paper. "Alternative newspapers tend to be a bit predictable, and having a guest columnist who adds another dimension is a good thing," he tells AAN News. (FULL STORY)
Whitney Joiner  |  09-05-2003  4:22 pm  |  Industry News

NY Press Owner Launches New Sports Paper

Point-of-view reporting. A hip, irreverent voice. In-depth coverage of local underdogs. And, of course, free circulation. New York Sports Express applies the elements of alternative journalism to create a new kind of paper: the local sports weekly. "No one else has done it -- and I like the action of creating new product," says President and Publisher Chuck Coletti. The paper's goal, says Editor Spike Vrusho, is "just to keep the way-too-serious sports fans laughing." (FULL STORY)
Whitney Joiner  |  08-19-2003  12:54 pm  |  Industry News