An Easy Glossary of Studio Terms, Dude

Charleston City Paper | November 22, 2005
Analog - n. The technology in use for more than 50 years that transmits conventional radio and TV signals; vinyl recordings, and cassette tapes are examples of analog technology. Dude, I only go analog...except when I'm broke.

Click Track - n. An audible metronome that follows the changes in time signatures; often played through headphones during tracking. Dude, even with the click track blasting through the phones, you can't even come in on the right beat!

Comp - v. To create a composite performance from multiple takes. Dude, I betcha Nirvana was comping vocal takes during the making of In Utero!

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) - n. A computer that is specially equipped with a high-quality sound card and programed for editing and processing digital audio at a professional level. Dude, just send that track to the digital audio workstation -- and don't spill any beer on it!

Final Mix - n. A combination of two or more audio tracks or channels used to produce a composite audio recording. Dude, play it right; we can't just fix it in the final mix.

Mastering - n. The process of assembling all the mixed tracks into a single, finished album. Dude, the final mix is kick-ass, but wait 'til you hear the mastered version!

Phaser - n. An electronic sound processor that creates a sweeping effect by modulating a narrow notch signal filter. Dude, there's phaser all over Zep's "Kashmir."

ProTools - n. A digital audio workstation by Digidesign used for music production and digital audio editing. Dude, I can record and mix my entire concept solo album using ProTools on my Mac.

Punch-In - v. To edit audio to an existing track, often as a correction to a brief mistake. Dude, we can totally punch-in at that sour note in your solo.

Punchy - adj. A term describing a dry, defined, clean, sometimes muffled drum or guitar sound; usually on a basic track. Dude, Mick Fleetwood's snare drum sounds too punchy on "Don't Stop."

Reverb - n. A sound effect composed of a series of tightly-spaced echoes; in addition to natural reverb, software synthesis of reverberation is also possible. Dude, did The Cramps ever turn down the reverb?

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