Willamette Week Reporter Takes Down Another Governor

february 19, 2015  05:00 pm
Willamette Week Reporter Takes Down Another Governor
Photo by Kathleen Marie, Willamette Week
USA Today profiles Nigel Jaquiss, the Willamette Week reporter responsible for the resignation of two Oregon governors in the past ten years:
Jaquiss' reporting in the alternative weekly Willamette Week on [John] Kitzhaber's ethical blinders regarding his fiancée triggered the governor's resignation last Friday; successor Kate Brown was sworn in Wednesday.

That Jaquiss was the reporter who brought down the governor is hardly a surprise. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for reporting that former Oregon governor and ex-Cabinet official Neil Goldschmidt, a revered figure in the state, had had a long-term sexual relationship with a teenage babysitter.

Jaquiss, 52, is fueled by an old-school, civics textbook commitment to document-heavy investigative reporting, which he sees as crucial.