Why Are There So Few Women Cartoonists?

july 10, 2009  08:05 am
The uphill battle that female cartoonists face is the main topic of discussion in Daryl Cagle's two-part video interview of alt-cartoonists Mikhaela Reid ("The Boiling Point") and Jen Sorensen ("Slowpoke"). "Maybe women are just too smart to get into a profession that's in so much trouble," Reid says before adding: "But I really think that's just not it at all." They both say that within the alt genre, the male cartoonists have been "totally supportive" of female artists and also briefly touch on the mainstreaming of alt-cartoonists within the cartooning world and state of the alt-weekly industry. Sorensen says she's lost about one-third of her clients, but she remains hopeful. "The well-run alternative newspapers will survive," she says.