Village Voice Editors Resign

may 9, 2013  01:39 pm
Village Voice Editors Resign
David Carr reports that Village Voice editor Will Bourne and deputy editor Jessica Lustig have resigned after being asked to implement staff cuts.

Representatives of Voice Media Group have declined to comment.

Updated 2:32 pm: Voice Media Group sent over the following statement:
Voice Media Group today accepted the resignations of editors Will Bourne and Jessica Lustig. Following their departure, VMG will be instituting further structural and staffing changes at the publication. Contrary to published reports, those changes do not involve laying off five members of the editorial staff.

The proposed changes do include minimal staff reductions, and directly align with the long-term growth strategy of Voice Media Group. They will ultimately support the ongoing sustainability of the Village Voice.

VMG believes the editorial team at the Voice must be thoroughly committed to producing the content and products that best serve its New York audience. The editorial staff and in particular its leadership must be fully committed to both print and digital publishing platforms. We are committed to supporting our incredibly talented editorial staff throughout this process.

Veteran VMG editor and newsman Pete Kotz will temporarily direct the talented Village Voice staff while management conducts a search for a permanent New York editor. The right candidate will focus on maintaining the journalistic excellence of the Voice while embracing and enhancing new platforms and areas of consumer interest.