The Village Voice-iest Movie Ever?

november 7, 2005  02:58 pm
With its New York literary milieu and occasional references to Voice co-founder Norman Mailer, Noah Baumbach's new film is stuffed so full of Village Voice-ness that Voice film critic J. Hoberman was compelled to attach the following disclosure to the end of his review: "If I hadn't liked The Squid and the Whale so much, I might have begged off reviewing. For, while I have only the slightest personal acquaintance with the filmmaker, I do know his brother, his father, and particularly, his mother, former Voice movie critic Georgia Brown." Despite his lineage, however, Baumbach didn't show much concern for the Voice's brand reputation: The only time the paper appears in the movie, it is being read by Jeff Daniels' Bernard Berkman character, which is the family-satire equivalent of a product endorsement by Hannibal Lecter.