Reflections on the Underground Press of the 1960s

march 11, 2009  12:20 pm
There's "a bona fide resurgence of interest in the Vietnam-era radical press," David Downs writes in CJR, noting the Village Voice's scanning of its archives and a new book on "the graphic design of radical press." Underground press vets Abe Peck and Todd Gitlin tell Downs how the forebears to today's alt-weeklies came and, in many cases, quickly went. "For all their flaws, they captured the period," Peck says. "They were innovative in terms of their display and in terms of the prose that wasn't jibberish. Some of it was very smart. Some of it was very weird." MORE: For about a year, Voice editors have been working their way through old issues of the paper, posting excerpts on a daily basis. They're now up to Sept. 1962.