Portland Phoenix Launches 2008 'Portland Phoelympics'

Alternative to Beijing Olympics poised to become event of the century in Maine.

august 6, 2008  09:02 am
Portland Phoenix Launches 2008 'Portland Phoelympics'
In an effort to stem the tide of everything in America being "Made in China," the Portland Phoenix has created a local alternative to the Beijing Olympic Games. The 2008 Portland Phoelympics will launch on August 6th, focusing the eyes of the world on the great state of Maine.

Those who tune in will be treated to Games free of smog, lead toys, forced child-labor, political oppression, and large, ancient walls. They will also be spared the ennui of viewing outdated, boring events like Track and field (aka "running, jumping, & throwing"). The Portland Phoelympics will introduce a new generation of athletic endeavors, more challenging and entertaining than the world has ever seen.

Absent will be the crass commercialism that has usurped the integrity of the once-great Olympic Games. The Phoelympics (presented by the Portland Phoenix, your News, Arts & Entertainment Authority since 1999, and its fabulous video website thephoenix.com/video) will be completely free of corporate sponsorship (until we sell one).

The opening event of the Phoelympics will be "Back Cove Volleyball," held in the middle of Portland's famous Back Cove at low tide the morning of August 6th. Most famously known as a dumping ground for over 200 years, the Back Cove has also served as Portland's raw sewage runoff since the 1930's. Highlights of the Gold Medal Game will be viewable at thephoenix.com/video later that day.

"The Phoenix is proud to have created an international event worthy of the great city of Portland," said Marc Shepard, associate publisher of the Portland Phoenix and president of the IPC (International Phoelympic Committee). "We expect the economic impact of these games on the city to be substantial, as we've already spent close to $47 on equipment, and that does NOT include our bar tab and first aid supplies."

For highlights of the first event, see:

For more information about the 2008 Phoelympic Games, contact: Marc Shepard
IPC President
(207) 773-8900 x 106