NUVO Issues Challenge to Graphic Artists

may 26, 2006  01:54 pm
NUVO Issues Challenge to Graphic Artists
The Art Institute of Indianapolis and NUVO have issued a two-word challenge to Central Indiana graphic artists who think they can design better than the crew at NUVO: “Prove it.”

The NUVO Cover Design Contest offers individuals interested in a design career a unique opportunity to put their artistic talents to the test. As incentive, The Art Institute of Indianapolis and NUVO offer a scholarship and cash prize to the graphic artist who submits the best design. The winning entry will be used for the cover of the September 2006 NUVO Arts Guide issue, which highlights local artists, entrepreneurs and innovators in the city’s cultural scene.

“Based on the work produced by our current student body, we know there is a wealth of design talent in Central Indiana,” said Carol Kelley, dean of academics at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. “This contest is a great opportunity for people who are thinking about design careers but aren’t sure they have what it takes. It also offers students and professional designers a chance to flex their creative muscles in a really fun way.”

Kevin McKinney, NUVO’s publisher, said he is confident that his design team is among the best in the state. But he's always looking for new talent and fresh ideas.

“We have a well-earned reputation at NUVO for supporting local artists,” McKinney said. “We use our annual Arts Guide to profile artists who might otherwise go unnoticed. Having a guest cover designer -- who very well could be the discovery of a fresh new talent -- will be a great complement to the inside pages.”

To be eligible to win, contest entrants must create original cover artwork that provides a compelling graphic expression of the art culture in Indianapolis. The first place winner, if eligible for admission, will receive a $1,000 scholarship to be used at The Art Institute of Indianapolis, a $1,000 cash prize and bragging rights among 170,000 NUVO readers.

All entries will be judged for the artwork's articulation of the contest theme, originality, creativity and artistic merit. Deadline for entry is Friday, June 30, at 5 p.m. The winner will be announced on September 6, 2006.

The Art Institute of Indianapolis is the exclusive contest sponsor. For more information about the contest, official rules and entry requirements, visit

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