Food Writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl Leaving City Pages

december 19, 2007  11:27 am
The five-time AltWeekly Award winner and recipient of numerous James Beard Awards is taking her food column to Minnesota Monthly starting in January, according to MinnPost. "It makes me sad to the bottom of my toes," Grumdahl says. "I've been a City Pages writer since I was a whippersnapper; it was my first job out of Carleton. That said, I couldn't be more excited about Minnesota Monthly. I'm interested in longer-form things, I have a couple of books in the works, and Minnesota Monthly is interested in having national platform and voice." MinnPost thinks the loss of "a certifiable brand that pulls in big advertising bucks as local chefs court her legions of drooling foodies" will hurt ad revenue in City Pages' restaurant section.