Fast Forward Weekly Accepts Ad That Calgary's Dailies Won't Run

june 30, 2009  01:00 pm
The Vancouver Humane Society is trying to take its campaign against calf roping to Canada's biggest rodeo, the Calgary Stampede, but the group has had a hard time placing their anti-roping ad. It was rejected by the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun, but the ad -- which is not particularly shocking -- will run in Fast Forward Weekly. The Sun's publisher tells the CBC the ad is in "bad taste" and that the Vancouver Humane Society is "out of its jurisdiction." Fast Forward publisher Ian Chiclo disagrees. "As long as there are no legal issues, we're not in the business of muzzling advertisers," he tells AAN News. "The Calgary Stampede is a great event for the city, but groups should be allowed to express their opinion about the event."