Eccentric Topeka Sex Offender and Lobbyist Profiled by The Pitch Found Dead

july 14, 2006  10:49 am
Back on Mar. 9, The Pitch's Justin Kendall profiled David Owen, a man convicted of possessing child pornography who later found an unusual purpose in life -- lobbying to reunite the homeless with their families. Kendall detailed the confrontational and occasionally violent encounters Owen had with homeless men, to whom he would offer use of his cell phone. "He estimates that he's been beaten up three or four times. His glasses have been broken and his face bloodied. Owen says his father has bought him a burial plot in Cimarron in case a homeless man kills him," Kendall wrote. The Associated Press reports that "Owen's father was right to worry," because Owen's body was found July 2, and four homeless men have been arrested in his death. A July 13 follow-up story in The Pitch says, "Topeka's David Owen was annoying, but we hope he rests in peace."