DEA Quotes Seattle Weekly Marijuana Review in Search Warrant

november 18, 2011  04:01 pm
DEA Quotes Seattle Weekly Marijuana Review in Search Warrant
The Drug Enforcement Administration referenced a Seattle Weekly medical marijuana dispensary review in a search warrant against two Seattle-area dispensaries. The affidavit also mentions dispensary ads that ran in both Seattle Weekly and The Stranger:
Page 47 of the March 22, 2011 issue of SW contains an ad for Seattle Cannabis Co-op that touts their selection of strains and website. Opposite that is [Steve] Elliott's "Toke Signals," column. Perhaps because our critic's palate is so refined, the feds opted to quote from his piece, which is headlined, "Bringing Buds to Ballard."

They also took note of other ads for Seattle Cannabis Co-Op (shortened to SCC in the affidavit), particularly the ones that "featured various women dressed in a somewhat tight nurse outfit, holding a clipboard listing the varieties and prices."

Elliott says it was a "startling experience" to see his words quoted in the search warrant. "Does the DEA really need my personal impressions of Pineapple Express, Dankest Kahn, and Hawaiian Snow to execute a dispensary search? Remember, taxpayer, it's your money that finances this foolishness."