Dan Savage Responds to Utah Invite: 'I'm Not Ready to Make Nice'

november 20, 2008  09:12 am
"I get it, I get it: you're not all bigots and haters, and people marched against Prop 8 in Salt Lake City this weekend," Savage writes in response to Salt Lake Tribune columnist Sean P. Means' invitation for Savage to visit the state to see the "real" Utah. "But I'm not ready to make nice -- on purpose or by accident -- with the bigots and haters from Magic Underpants Inc. who donated money and time to Prop 8." MORE: Savage has been "a teeny bit over the top with his rhetoric, Salt Lake City Weekly's John Saltas says, before reprising Means' invite and offering to pay Savage's way. "We'll introduce him to local GLBT leaders, many of whom are equally pissed that he walked away from them."