CVS Stops Carrying Alt-Weekly; Protests & Arrests Ensue

may 17, 2007  02:01 pm
When CVS took over Osco Drug in Milwaukee, the Shepherd Express was told to remove its news racks from the stores. Since then, free-lance journalist Jeff White has been standing vigil in protest outside one of the stores for about 20 hours a week. Last week, White and a man he was chatting with were arrested after a CVS manager called the cops to complain. Shepherd publisher Louis Fortis says he's called the company's headquarters to determine why they stopped carrying the paper, but hasn't received a response. But he says he's heard that a customer complained about the paper's criticism of President Bush and the Iraq War. "CVS has every right to not carry the Shepherd, but I don't believe that the top management at CVS would want to politicize their retail stores," Fortis says. "It would be a shame if CVS became a pharmacy that only catered to conservative Republicans."