Boise Weekly Founder Takes Issue With Opinion Column

july 6, 2006  11:07 am
Boise Weekly writer Bill Cope addressed his June 28 column to his former boss Andy Hedden-Nicely, who founded the "United Party" in Idaho and is running as its candidate for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Cope praised Hedden-Nicely as an individual, but suggested that his third-party candidacy was a mistake in judgment. Hedden-Nicely's response in the paper's July 5 issue apes Cope's column structure. "I know you as a man of intelligence and integrity, and I'm confident that when you finally come to your senses and realize that the train has left the station -- that the Democrats are still hiding in the shadows trying to come up with a politically correct response -- you can jump on the United Party train," Hedden-Nicely writes.