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First Quarter Film Stinkersnew

A closer look at the numbers indicates that neither history nor logic can justify a box office model that packs 25 percent of its calendar with high-priced trash.
Boise Weekly  |  George Prentice  |  03-25-2011  |  Movies

Movie Buzz: We Want to Get Awaynew

As much as we might think the opposite, audiences are running toward escapist fare like Paul Blart, which should bode well for this week’s movies.
Metro Spirit  |  Mariah Gardner  |  01-21-2009  |  Movies

Movie Buzz: Low-Concept Fare Takes Over Movie Houses

Critically lauded movies are being run out of movie houses by low-concept fare like Paul Blart: Mall Cop and My Bloody Valentine 3-D.
Metro Spirit  |  Mariah Gardner  |  01-12-2009  |  Movies

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