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Occupy D.C. Has Already Won and Already Lostnew

How Occupy D.C. can go out on top.
Washington City Paper  |  Shani Hilton  |  01-13-2012  |  #OCCUPY

Occupy DC Builds a "People’s Pentagon"new

The structure was one infraction too many for the Park Police, who were arresting people and surrounding the square with vehicles all day on Sunday.
Washington City Paper  |  Lydia DePillis  |  12-05-2011  |  #OCCUPY

Inside the Food Tent at Occupy DCnew

What are the demonstrators at Occupy DC eating? Pretty much what you'd expect. "We keep it pretty much vegetarian—vegan, if we can."
Washington City Paper  |  Chris Shott  |  10-17-2011  |  #OCCUPY

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