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Announcing Another Mexican Food Genre: Bro-Mexnew

The aesthetic of Bro-Mex restaurants centers around the world of energy drinks, surf culture, and MMA. Their clientele think lucha libre masks are hilarious, have Mexican-American friends or--if they're Mexican-American--don't speak much Spanish, and think Gringo Bandito is the greatest creation since Ed Hardy lighters.
OC Weekly  |  Gustavo Arellano  |  05-12-2011  |  Food+Drink

White Out: Canadian Unwittingly Writes How-To Guide for Living in Bouldernew

Is it a crime to want your children to be multilingual? What about driving a Prius, or eating only hormone-free ice cream? Are these inherently white, hopelessly misguided choices, too? Isn’t at least free-trade gourmet coffee a white-people win-win?
Boulder Weekly  |  Jim Lillie  |  02-02-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

How a Failed Journalist Became the Margaret Mead of White Peoplenew

"Stuff White People Like" isn't just a cathartic spoof; it's Lander's entry into a convoluted and thorny discourse on race in America. Like most people, Lander was always fascinated by race, but he found it difficult to partake in the dialogue without sounding either like an apologist, or a total asshole.
East Bay Express  |  Rachel Swan  |  10-15-2008  |  Culture

Blogger Christian Lander on White Peoplenew

The Definitive Guide to Stuff White People Like: The Unique Taste of Millions is 150 blog posts -- uh, make that chapters -- with titles like "Michel Gondry," "Modern Furniture," and "Knowing What's Best for Poor People." Although the book does recycle some of the website's original content, it's still snarkily funny and well, true.
The Portland Mercury  |  Kiala Kazebee  |  07-03-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

The Angry Grammarian: White People Love Grammarnew

I’m white. Always have been. So imagine my excitement when “Grammar” was recently featured on the ever-popular Stuff White People Like blog.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Jeffrey Barg  |  05-27-2008  |  Commentary

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