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The Protest Art of SB 1070new

SB 1070 has been bad for Arizona and worse for Mexicans, but it inspired a year's worth of great art.
Phoenix New Times  |  Claire Lawton  |  04-26-2011  |  Art

Government in Actionnew

Coming soon in Arizona: longer ER waits, lots of job losses and a whole bunch more sick people.
Tucson Weekly  |  Dave Devine  |  04-25-2011  |  Policy Issues


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's response to Jared Loughner? Slash services from an already beleaguered mental-health system.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin and Amy Silverman  |  01-21-2011  |  Policy Issues

It's Mourning in America: Tacky and Weird

As witnessed again in the aftermath of the Tucson massacre, Americans don't mourn right. We turn tragedy into kitsch.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  01-18-2011  |  Commentary

Jan Brewer's Criminally Insane Son and His Mysteriously Sealed Filenew

Ronald Brewer is not just mentally ill. He was deemed criminally insane in 1990, following a July 1989 arrest and subsequent indictment for the sexual assault and kidnapping of a Phoenix woman. On January 9, 2009, in a very unusual move, his criminal case files were sealed.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin and Amy Silverman  |  09-08-2010  |  Politics

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