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That Old Black Potter Magic Continues to Beguile in 'Half-Blood Prince'new

Going a few shades blacker than 2007's already funereal Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this penultimate Potterpicture includes the firebombing of a series regular's home, an episode of demonic possession that wouldn't look out of place in an Exorcist movie, and multiple attempts on the life of Harry himself. The greater threat, however, is those unseen forces that compete for the hearts and minds of impressionable boy wizards.
L.A. Weekly  |  Scott Foundas  |  07-17-2009  |  Reviews

Harry Potter Battles Adolescence and Other Creepies

In the third movie adaptation of the J.K. Rowling series, Harry Potter (or maybe it’s just actor Daniel Radcliffe) is showing hints of the pimply stigmata of adolescence, and also displays the sullenness indicative of pubescent hormone poisoning.
Monday Magazine  |  Robert Moyes  |  08-07-2004  |  Reviews

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