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The Man Behind Bushnew

Contrary to White House spin, the man behind Dubya is not God, but Bush's key political adviser, Rove, lurking like Forrest Gump over Bush's shoulder.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Felicia Feaster  |  10-21-2004  |  Reviews

Election infectionnew

Power, politics, and puppets converge in Bush's Brain and Silver City.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Cheryl Eddy  |  09-15-2004  |  Reviews

The Brains of the Outfitnew

Bush's so-called brain is Karl Rove, whose mastery of dirty tricks deserves clearer scrutiny than it gets in this documentary.
Austin Chronicle  |  Kimberley Jones  |  08-26-2004  |  Reviews

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