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Progress Report: The Arab Autumnnew

The long march for change continues in the Middle East.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  11-30-2011  |  International

Where Are the Egyptians When Libya Needs Them?new

The collapse of the democratic revolution in Libya will gravely damage the prospects of the “Arab spring” elsewhere. Rulers in other Arab countries where the army is also largely made up of foreign mercenaries, will conclude that they can safely kill enough of their own protesters to “restore order”.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  03-14-2011  |  International

What's Next for Egypt's Revolution?new

It's unclear if the existing political parties and organizations can answer the calls of the movement—jobs, free expression and government transparency.
INDY Week  |  Joe Schwartz  |  02-24-2011  |  International

Hope and Change? Not for Americans

Revolutionary foment is on the march around the globe. Not it has arrived in the American Midwest, but where is Obama? What's good for the Hosni isn't good for the Barry.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  02-22-2011  |  Economy

Democracy On the Vergenew

I applaud the uprising in Cairo at Tahrir Square and wish them a swift victory over all those who oppose the aspirations of democracy both at home and abroad. May their spirit inspire a whole generation, if not the whole world.
Random Lengths News  |  James Preston Allen  |  02-11-2011  |  Commentary

America Against the People of Egypt

President Obama is handling the Egyptian revolution with all the class and diplomacy of George W. Bush. And he's mistaking many of the same mistakes.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  02-09-2011  |  International

The New Face of Revolution: No Leaders or Parties Need Apply

The uprisings we are witnessing today have their roots in the decline of industrial production that began 60 years ago.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  02-03-2011  |  International

Drexel Prof Has Some Concrete Answers About How the Pyramids Were Builtnew

Michel Barsoum says the theories that modern science have devised to explain the construction of Egypt's Great Pyramids are wrong. Barsoum's theory, naturally, has been treated as heresy in the world of Egyptology.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Patrick Rapa  |  01-27-2009  |  History

Fall Books Defy Disasternew

This coming fall and winter are thin on fiction but large on hulking works of non-fiction that might help us catch up with this runaway bobsled called planet Earth.
Boston Phoenix  |  John Freeman  |  09-27-2005  |  Books

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