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Brothers Brings the War Homenew

Director Jim Sheridan's adaptation has a contemplative steadiness far more common in European films than American ones.
The Portland Mercury  |  Alison Hallett  |  12-07-2009  |  Reviews

You'll Probably Feel Like You've Seen Brothers Before, Even if You Haven'tnew

Ask me about Brothers 2009 four years from now and you'll probably have to press this very review into my hands as proof that it passed before my eyes.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Mike D'Angelo  |  12-04-2009  |  Reviews

Bum Rapnew

Rare is the movie that so perfectly critiques itself; 50 Cent sounds articulate in his raps, but as a lead actor, he talks like his mouth is filled with food.
Houston Press  |  Luke Y. Thompson  |  11-14-2005  |  Reviews

Hip-Hop Hypocrisiesnew

Determined to star in his own 8 Mile, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson comes up a day late and a dollar short.
Orlando Weekly  |  Steve Schneider  |  11-11-2005  |  Reviews

Outsider Drama

Turning his multiplatinum Get Rich or Die Tryin' into a movie is a logical way for 50 Cent to expand his franchise, but that doesn't guarantee he can enlarge his abilities along with it.
Washington City Paper  |  Mark Jenkins  |  11-10-2005  |  Reviews

It Died Trying

The problem with this 50 Cent biopic glamorizing the grit of the rapper's life isn't so much that the star is a bad actor as he isn't any kind of actor at all.
Columbus Alive  |  Melissa Starker  |  11-10-2005  |  Reviews

50 Cent Short 2 Bitsnew

The film story of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's tough road to success is so melodramatic that if it weren't real it would be laughable.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marc Savlov  |  11-10-2005  |  Reviews

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