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Foodie Giltnew

Chris Carriker has had five months in the Gilt Club kitchen as the new executive chef. His focus is on seasonal dishes divvied up among small plates, which can be mixed and matched at a diner's leisure.
The Portland Mercury  |  Patrick Alan Coleman  |  12-10-2009  |  Food+Drink

Manners 101: Etiquette Queen Angelyn Davis Gives it to Us Straightnew

I don't think of myself as a particularly ill-mannered rube, but for someone who eats out for a living, my tableside comportment is, frankly, a bit lacking. I have discovered the hard way that manners do matter.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Rachel Hutton  |  09-30-2009  |  Culture

The Economy of Las Vegas' Dining Scene Remains Strongnew

Only the stodgiest observer will hesitate to call Vegas a great restaurant city. It is a food destination, one constructed in unique haste without the strongest foundation. Could it all come crumbling down in this economic free fall? Nope.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Brock Radke  |  07-17-2009  |  Food+Drink

Underground Dinner Parties Add Mystery to Bored Diners' Schedulesnew

Paired is a series of underground dinner parties in which a chef partners with an artist and creates a meal inspired by the artist's work.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Rachel Hutton  |  03-13-2009  |  Food+Drink

Is Screwing Hip?new

An overview of 2005 culinary trends shows that simplicity, even in the form of screw-top wines, was omnipresent.
Dallas Observer  |  Mark Stuertz  |  01-03-2006  |  Food+Drink

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