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Academia Under Attack ... by Zombiesnew

Humans vs. Zombies, an internationally played complicated role-playing tag game that can go on for weeks at a time, is bigger than ever these days. One local university recently mistook the game for real life.
Boston Phoenix  |  Alexis Hauk  |  10-30-2009  |  Culture

New Doc Puts a Spotlight on Rubik's Cube Enthusiastsnew

Originally determined to make a mockumentary about the role the Rubik's Cube played in an old family story, Robert LeBlanc decided to take a more sincere approach when that project fell through.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Hillary Titley  |  09-12-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Riverside's Castle Park: Southern California's Minigolf Meccanew

Sure, this bastard love child of real golf and Chutes and Ladders is what Satan would make Tiger Woods play if he wound up in Hell. And yeah, it's just about the tackiest sport ever invented. But minigolf is also supremely relaxing.
L.A. Weekly  |  Gendy Alimurung  |  05-27-2008  |  Recreation

One Teen's Rubik's Cube Fascination Grows into 'Speed-Solving' Competitionnew

In the age of the PS3 and Wii, it might seem a bit unusual for teens to gravitate toward a toy nearly twice as old as they are. But young "speedcubers" are out there, and many will compete in the upcoming Utah Cubing Open.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  05-16-2008  |  Recreation

The Ghosts of Gaming Pastnew

Off the fast track of high-tech video-game technology, another road leads back in time.
Metroland  |  David King  |  02-09-2006  |  Video Games

Thinking Outside the Xboxnew

A video-game major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute aims to reshape what we think we know about video games
Metroland  |  David King  |  12-08-2005  |  Video Games

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