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Matt Taibbi and Jim Webb Come Out Fighting in New Booksnew

In A Time to Fight, Webb marshals his impressive grasp of history in the service of forceful positions on current challenges, while in The Great Derangement, Taibbi delves mostly into post-9/11 fringe groups on the right and left.
Style Weekly  |  Brent Baldwin and Dan Dueholm  |  06-25-2008  |  Books

Who's Obama Gonna Bring as His Partner to the Dance?new

The importance of vice-president selections is always overrated. But in Obama's case, it will have more importance than usual, since voters will use this first "presidential" decision to size up his approach to governing. And in a close election, the selection could prove critical.
Boston Phoenix  |  Steven Stark  |  06-19-2008  |  Commentary

As He Eyes VP Slot, Sen. Jim Webb Presents a New Version of Himselfnew

It certainly hasn't escaped our notice that Webb has undergone a bit of a personality transfer as of late, and seems to be mellowing into a slightly-less-combative, slightly-more-effective version of the tough-talking SOB that we've come to know and ... well, maybe not love, but at least regard with brotherly affection.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Dan Catalano  |  06-11-2008  |  Commentary

T-Hank Launches Senate Bidnew

Democrats are sending out former Navy secretary James Webb to challenge George Allen in November -- but Allen probably isn't expecting Thomas H. "T-Hank" Cook.
Style Weekly  |  Amy Biegelsen  |  06-22-2006  |  Politics

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