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'Haven' Is Boring and Confusingnew

The absurdly confusing plot is built upon a flashback device that's never fully realized and based around characters whose presence is never adequately explained.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jason Ferguson  |  09-25-2006  |  Reviews

Unsafe Harbor

Haven is no masterwork, but Flowers orchestrates local color and intricate melodrama with more flair than many more experienced directors.
Washington City Paper  |  Mark Jenkins  |  09-22-2006  |  Reviews

Fragile Paradisenew

A young filmmaker reveals the sordid side of the Cayman Islands.
New York Press  |  Jennifer Merin  |  09-21-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

Capering in the Caymansnew

Lacking purpose or thoughtful complexity, Frank E. Flowers' film, starring Orlando Bloom and Bill Paxton, is an overly ambitious mess.
Austin Chronicle  |  Toddy Burton  |  09-17-2006  |  Reviews

Grand Cayman Island Corruption

Flowers loses track of his own narrative puzzle that includes a story about a shady but rich Floridian with an 18-year-old daughter escaping to Grand Cayman from the feds who want to arrest him.
Maui Time  |  Cole Smithey  |  09-11-2006  |  Reviews

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