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Riding Solonew

Cage brings all his Elvis-wannabe coolness to the role, projecting mellow self-confidence whether Johnny is stumbling away from a stunt or telling his manager not to mess with the Carpenters soundtrack in his apartment.
Washington City Paper  |  Tricia Olszewski  |  02-23-2007  |  Reviews

Hot Wheelsnew

The movie adds little to Marvel's source material, but to be fair, there wasn't a surfeit of originality in the comic book to begin with.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marc Savlov  |  02-22-2007  |  Reviews

Bad Dull Actionnew

Ghost Rider is terrible, despite its big box-office haul.
Tucson Weekly  |  James DiGiovanna  |  02-22-2007  |  Reviews


Cage motors within a mythology of daredevil fumes.
New York Press  |  Justin W. Ravitz  |  02-22-2007  |  Reviews

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