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Celebrate George's Lighter Side with President Washington's Porternew

The first president was partial to a style of ale called porter, which makes him something of a follower of fashion. Porter was the first mass-marketed, must-have beer. In early 18th-century London, pub-goers enjoyed a mixed beer cocktail that blended brown ale, pale ale and stale (meaning aged) beer.
INDY Week  |  Julie Johnson  |  02-04-2010  |  Food+Drink

Lying Liars, and the End of Accountabilitynew

When up is down, and down is out, who even knows what to believe anymore? The Zeitgeist is now cloudy with the din of dishonesty that it is difficult to determine what is truth and what is fiction. In other words, a perfect time for the new film The Invention of Lying.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  10-08-2009  |  Commentary

New Word Ordernew

Author Sylvia Clute addresses questions of law, benevolent government and George Washington in the kitchen.
Style Weekly  |  Valley Haggard  |  03-01-2007  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Was the War Really Necessary?new

A best-selling history of the Revolutionary War makes a reader wonder if that first war could have been avoided and whether its ultimate success, and the consequent linking of violence with freedom, led to the war in Iraq.
Illinois Times  |  Fletcher Farrar  |  10-21-2005  |  Nonfiction

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