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Hero Worshipnew

A soldier’s tragic tale retold for maximum effect in 'The Tillman Story.'
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  08-19-2010  |  Reviews

Abstract Reasoningnew

A film's exploration into the authenticity of 4-year-old Marla Olmstead's paintings raises the thorny question of how we judge abstract art.
Gambit  |  Rick Barton  |  11-13-2007  |  Reviews

'My Kid Could Paint That' a Fussnew

Filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev thought it would be a good opportunity to make some observations about the place of art in consumer culture as he captured the increasing media scrutiny of a 4-year-old's paintings.
The Georgia Straight  |  Ken Eisner  |  10-22-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Laboring with Childhood in 'My Kid Could Paint That'new

Amir Bar-Lev's excellent documentary starts out as a straight-up chronicle of a way-underage artistic phenomenon, until unforeseen developments suggest some sort of mass-media con job based on dreams of squeaky-clean white suburbia.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Dennis Harvey  |  10-10-2007  |  Reviews

Amir Bar-Lev Parses the Paintnew

He uncovers the dirty secrets of a child art prodigy in My Kid Could Paint That.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  10-04-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

'My Kid Could Paint That'

Documentarian Amir Bar-Lev makes himself a moving target when he breaks form to editorialize in private monologue about his doubts over the veracity of 4-year-old Marla Olmstead creating museum-worthy paintings without the help of her father.
Maui Time  |  Cole Smithey  |  09-30-2007  |  Reviews

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