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Sexist Beatdown: The Soft Boner of Classic American Literaturenew

Why don’t we sit around praising the “unwieldy, impossible machines” (or, you know, penises) of white, heterosexual guys who are still writing masturbatory prose about lesbian threesomes involving strap-ons, after all these years?
Chicago Reader  |  Amanda Hess  |  01-11-2010  |  Commentary

Philip Roth Goes Back to Collegenew

One of Portnoy's favorite words takes on new resonance in Roth's 29th novel.
Boston Phoenix  |  Richard Beck  |  09-24-2008  |  Fiction

Philip Roth's Latest Gives Us a World Caught Between Warsnew

Since 2000, Roth has compressed the thematic dynamism of his masterpieces into tales that can be read in the time it takes you to watch a baseball game. Indignation, his latest bravura performance in the form, is a haunting, bleakly comic time-capsule of a book
Las Vegas Weekly  |  John Freeman  |  09-19-2008  |  Fiction

Philip Roth Looks Back on a Legendary Career, and Forward to His Final Actnew

The backward-looking, documentary storytelling impulse in Indignation is a continuation of a growing vein of Roth's work in the past decade, books obsessed and possessed by American history.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  John Freeman  |  09-19-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Enter Rothnew

Philip Roth discusses his alter ego Nathan Zuckerman, the appeal of biography, and the perils of age.
Isthmus  |  Steve Paulson  |  12-17-2007  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Bones of Lifenew

Septuagenarian Philip Roth meditates on sex, family and death.
Montreal Mirror  |  Juliet Waters  |  05-26-2006  |  Fiction

Twilight of the Gods?new

Off his game, but we hope not out of the competition, Philip Roth can't sustain the premise of his audacious historical rewrite.
Seattle Weekly  |  Tim Appelo  |  12-22-2004  |  Fiction

Lindbergh's America: Reading Philip Roth Post-11/2new

If reading Philip Roth's The Plot Against America pre-Nov. 2 suggested a twisted parable about current events, then reading it after the elections is downright eerie.
Boston Phoenix  |  Jon Garelick  |  12-01-2004  |  Fiction

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