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Christophe Honore's Menage-a-trois Musical Hits All the Right Notesnew

The characters in Love Songs live life at such an animated pitch that you almost don't notice when they begin to sing.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Sam Adams  |  06-24-2008  |  Reviews

'Love Songs' Offers Perverse Entertainmentnew

The film takes a sudden nosedive into a deep, deep funk, vying to becoming the most depressing musical since Cabaret.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Matt Prigge  |  06-23-2008  |  Reviews

'Love Songs' Steps Out From Under An Umbrellanew

Love Songs proves few movies are entirely terrible or terrific. Its crushworthy final half-hour is touching and sometimes magnificent. But much of its initial hour is maddening.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Johnny Ray Huston  |  06-04-2008  |  Reviews

Musical Manquenew

Christophe Honore's mumblecore mess misses the mark — but not without trying.
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  03-20-2008  |  Reviews

The Philibusternew

While flimsy and overwrought, this Collins retrospective provides for the introduction of a great new karaoke game to the world: the Philibuster. Nothing can be sung except Phil Collins songs, and the singer cannot pick any of his or her own titles.
Riverfront Times  |  Mike Seely  |  10-06-2004  |  Reviews

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