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The Resurrection of Ted Haggardnew

The former New Life pastor talks about the scandals that led him to the brink of suicide, the disconnect between his preachings and practices, and his prospects for creating a new ministry back in Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  10-01-2009  |  Religion

After Ted Haggard, a New Era at New Life Churchnew

By removing politics from the pulpit, Brady Boyd takes his church out of the public eye.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  05-06-2008  |  Religion

Crashing Back to Earthnew

Ted Haggard's meteoric rise elevated him to the inner circles of awesome power -- and left him with quite a ways to fall.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Cara DeGette  |  11-10-2006  |  Religion

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