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Life Without the Explosionsnew

The naturalistic indie talker unhurriedly follows a young woman through her days and nights – Nerf-ball games at work, waiting for the bus, and a series of relationships fueled by “chronic dissatisfaction.”
Austin Chronicle  |  Marrit Ingman  |  10-26-2007  |  Reviews

Joe Swanberg, the Starving Auteurnew

The New York Times may be hyping his movies, but "mumblecore" filmmaker is still struggling to pay the bills.
Chicago Reader  |  Ed M. Koziarski  |  10-22-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Hannah and Her Brethrennew

Chicago boy Joe Swanberg returns with Hannah Takes the Stairs.
Chicago Newcity  |  Ray Pride  |  10-17-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Is Joe Swanberg Chicago's First Small-Screen Auteur?new

While the culture of surveillance and self-surveillance has started to prompt and provoke interesting art, Swanberg has made the lives of his friends and himself the center of his work.
Chicago Newcity  |  Ray Pride  |  02-28-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

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