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The Unexpected Angles and Concluding Twists in 'Mirrors' Keep Readers Hookednew

Galeano regales us with tales from our shared history in an inclusive manner, from cultural creation myths to major historical figures and inventions to significant current events. It is a truism that history is written by the victors; what if, Galeano seems to ask, history were told instead by the vanquished, the oppressed and the ­downtrodden of all cultures and times?
The Texas Observer  |  Liliana Valenzuela  |  08-26-2009  |  Nonfiction

Eduardo Galeano's 'Mirrors' Rewrites Human Historynew

It's hard to think of another living author who would have the nerve to consider writing a book like Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone. But for Uruguay's Eduardo Galeano, this collection of vignettes, covering the breadth of human history, was a natural fit.
The Georgia Straight  |  Derrick O'Keefe  |  07-27-2009  |  Nonfiction

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