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The Rise and Uncertain Future of 'Pirate' Radio in Bostonnew

If there's any hope for unlicensed stations to go legit, it's the Local Community Radio Act, passed by Congress in December after a 10-year campaign by proponents of hyper-local radio. However, details of how the legislation will be administrated are still hazy. And some experts say the measure comes too late, and with too little backbone.
Boston Phoenix  |  Chris Faraone  |  04-11-2011  |  Media

Prometheus Radio Project Moves Radio Legislation in Washingtonnew

Prometheus has become remarkably good at working it in D.C., bringing religious groups, labor unions, civil rights groups, musicians and public safety advocates together in the fight for community radio. 
They're all lining up behind the Local Community Radio Act (HR 1147), and they're more optimistic than ever about getting the legislation passed. 

Philadelphia Weekly  |  Daniel Denvir  |  07-21-2009  |  Media

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