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How Are Schools Handling Truancy? Ask the Kids Smoking Pot Near Campusnew

In the late morning of the first day of the new semester at John O'Connell High School of Technology, two boys stage their finely choreographed escape. While the security guard's back is turned, they scamper out the front door onto the sidewalk.
SF Weekly  |  Lauren Smiley  |  02-03-2010  |  Education

Never-Never Landnew

Can Gov. Patrick's Readiness Project bring funding equality to Massachusetts public schools?
Dig Boston  |  Cara Bayles  |  01-24-2008  |  Education

3rd Degree: Rev. Roy Bourgeoisnew

The peace crusader on why he wants to shut down the infamous School of the Americas.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Joe Piasecki  |  09-07-2007  |  War

Silence Surrounds Spring Creek 'Runner'new

When teen Adrian Sanders tried to escape his handlers en route from a specialty boarding school in western Montana, he ended up semi-conscious at the bottom of a 30-foot cliff. Why is Sanders County silent about the who, what, when, where and why?
Missoula Independent  |  John S. Adams  |  09-22-2005  |  Science

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