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For Heaven's Sakenew

A plan to pick on gays goes horribly wrong and other tales from the AZ Legislature
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  02-27-2014  |  Politics

Congressional Compromisingnew

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber talks about immigration reform and the recent budget vote.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  01-09-2014  |  Politics

Bills on Paradenew

Keeping an eye on the action at the Arizona Legislature.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  03-07-2013  |  Politics

A Virtual Tienew

A week after the election, the race between Ron Barber and Martha McSally remains too close to call.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  11-15-2012  |  Elections

Mixed Mandatenew

As Barack Obama wins a second term, Dems and Republicans split various state and federal races in Arizona amid problems at the polls.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tucson Weekly Staff and Contributors  |  11-07-2012  |  Elections

Dark Money Trailnew

Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson files a complaint to untangle a complex campaign-finance web.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  11-01-2012  |  Politics

Common Ground or Battleground?new

Republican State Sen. Frank Antenori faces former Democratic state lawmaker Dave Bradley.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  10-24-2012  |  Elections

Playing the Percentagesnew

Rep. Ron Barber and GOP challenger Martha McSally talk about the 47 percent.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  10-01-2012  |  Politics

Dead Heatnew

In their tight U.S. Senate race, Flake and Carmona spar over the environment, Medicare
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  09-20-2012  |  Elections

Whose Bright Idea?new

A new political group spreads debunked claims while its supporters remain in the shadows.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  08-02-2012  |  Politics

Fast Becoming Furiousnew

After a federal scandal, some firearms dealers say they've become the scapegoats.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  06-20-2012  |  Politics

Broken Recordsnew

A whistle-blower complaint leads to a public-information lawsuit against the Pima County Attorney.
Tucson Weekly  |  Mari Herreras  |  06-14-2012  |  Politics

Morals Before Profitnew

Activists demand that former U.S. Sen. Dennis DeConcini resign from a private-prison company's board
Tucson Weekly  |  Mari Herreras  |  03-31-2012  |  Politics

Arizona's Conservative Agendanew

Arizona state lawmakers chip away at support for women's health and continue to push for the urine of the unemployed.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel and Hank Stephenson  |  03-29-2012  |  Politics

Battle Over Ballotsnew

Almost five years after the RTA election, a group of activists keeps fighting for election integrity.
Tucson Weekly  |  Mari Herreras  |  03-15-2012  |  Elections

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