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Mike Wattnew

The Musical Sailor on Bass.
Random Lengths News  |  James Preston Allen  |  09-08-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

Hawthorne Heights: A 10-Year Retrospectivenew

Hawthorne Heights, emo.
Worcester Magazine  |  Cade Overton  |  09-04-2014  |  Reviews

More Mind, Less Grind: Women of Detroit hip-hopnew

There's a definite shift taking place in Detroit. Women with intelligence in music is nothing new, but the fact that they're banding together, tired of all the institutional bullshit and mainstream-encouraged hyper-sexualization — that is a wonderful thing, and it's happening in Detroit now.
Metro Times  |  Brett Callwood  |  08-08-2014  |  Music

Where were you on Pharoah Sanders Day?new

The early years of a Little Rock legend.
Arkansas Times  |  Will Stephenson  |  08-07-2014  |  Music

What do you do when one of your favorite bands becomes an utter embarrassment?new

When I was a teenager, I filled notebooks with annotations for the lyrics to Operation: Mindcrime, the third album by Queensrÿche. I lined up four hours before doors opened (and three hours before anyone else showed up) to see them play at a theatre in Kentucky...
INDY Week  |  Brad Sanders  |  08-06-2014  |  Music

Hope is the Resolvenew

Indie rock quartet Signals tells a story about the challenges of faith on their new EP, Hindsight
Tucson Weekly  |  Joshua Levine  |  08-01-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

Jack White: A History and a Futurenew

Throughout his illustrious career, Jack White has embodied the modern Renaissance man.
Jackson Free Press  |  Tommy Burton  |  07-25-2014  |  Music

Old Soul Never Dies: A Quirky, Historical Cleveland Record Label Gets New Lifenew

History is written by the victors. That's why you've heard of Motown or Stax Records and not Cleveland's own soul upstart, Way Out Records. Housed in a storefront on East 55th St. between Euclid and Chester, the label grew out of an odd-couple partnership between a hustler and a cop.
Cleveland Scene  |  Chris Parker  |  07-23-2014  |  Music

Monumentour: My Rock, My Salvationnew

How this summer's Monumentour testifies to the resilient role of rock 'n' roll.
INDY Week  |  Maura Johnston  |  07-18-2014  |  Music

Tori Amos begins to hear the lightnew

On the cover of her new 14th set, Unrepentant Geraldines, adventurous singer-songwriter-keyboardist Tori Amos is standing before a wall-size mural, a paintbrush clutched in her right hand, as if she's just put the finishing strokes on her latest primary-colored masterpiece. But don't read it too literally, she cautions...
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Tom Lanham  |  07-16-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

Let the Chips Fallnew

Cowboy Jack Clement's final recording recasts the work of a great Nashville songwriter.
Nashville Scene  |  Edd Hurt  |  07-10-2014  |  Music

In the Skin: Houston Musicians Share the Stories of their Tattoosnew

There’s no rule that says if you make music you have to have a tattoo, but the reality is that a lot of people who play music have ink on their bodies. We sat down with four local musicians and a couple of tattoo artists to talk about their relationship with their ink. They come from different backgrounds and play different types of music, but they’ll share a common bond, one that will stick with them a lifetime.
Houston Press  |  Angelica Leicht  |  07-09-2014  |  Music

Power of Threenew

A history of music, activism and friendship with Joan Baez and the Indigo Girls.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alexandra Notman  |  06-25-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

The strangely similar career paths of Vampire Weekend and Blur's Damon Albarnnew

During a concert last fall at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Vampire Weekend diverged from their own material exactly once, covering Blur's Dadaist jock jam "Song 2." The choice was a surprisingly big, crunchy move for a band whose sound typically veers toward the airy and nuanced...
INDY Week  |  Jeff Klingman  |  06-12-2014  |  Music

Pitbull Doesn’t Know What Love Meansnew

Contemporary artists such as Pitbull often forgo realistic depictions of life to maintain a persona.
Jackson Free Press  |  Micah Smith  |  05-22-2014  |  Music

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