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Why Is Kim Jong-un So Afraid of Seth Rogen?new

Sony assumed North Korea would hate the movie. The question was: What would it do?
L.A. Weekly  |  Amy Nicholson  |  12-15-2014  |  Movies

Reece Witherspoon Stumbles — Cheryl Strayed, and So Did This Movie

“Wild” is an unsatisfying self-help drama that exposes the limitations of Reece Witherspoon’s range.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-05-2014  |  Movies

Hungry for a decent movienew

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part I” perpetuates the questionable tactic of carving a popular fantasy novel into multiple movies when only one is needed. “Harry Potter’s” final installment was given two films to wrap things up, and “The Hobbit” is being retold in a ridiculously prolonged trilogy that mercifully concludes next month.
Worcester Magazine  |  Jim Keogh  |  11-26-2014  |  Reviews

What Becomes an Enigma Most? Benedict Cumberbatch Transforms Into Alan Turing

Genius mathematician Alan Turning is revealed as the father of the modern computer, an unsung British hero of World War II, and as a lonely victim of Britain’s Draconian punishment of gays, in this well-rounded biopic about the man who broke the Nazi’s cryptographic machine — the “Enigma.”
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  11-25-2014  |  Movies

Neo-Western: Tommy Lee Jones Breaks Some Eggs

Of the handful of directors ready, willing, and able to make a Western that’s worth a damn, Tommy Lee Jones runs neck and neck with Clint Eastwood.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  11-18-2014  |  Movies

Citizenfour: Traitor or Patriot?new

Reexamining our balance of power.
Boise Weekly  |  George Prentice  |  11-12-2014  |  Movies

Shooting for the starsnew

David Cronenburg on Maps to the Stars, Hollywood filmmaking and, uh, incest
VUE Weekly  |  Josef Braun  |  11-10-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

Not Quite All: Redmayne Wows as Hawking, But Biopic Falls Flat

While possessing an outstanding performance by Eddie Redmayne in the role of the great theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, “The Theory of Everything” is formulaic to a fault.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  11-03-2014  |  Reviews

Vampire Culture: Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Dark

Social satire doesn’t get much blacker than it does in “Nightcrawler.”
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  10-28-2014  |  Reviews

Dark Alliancenew

Lionel Rolfe recounts the 1990s when Gary Webb's stories on the CIA and their flooding the streets of Los Angeles with crack cocaine to finance death squads in Nicaragua.
Random Lengths News  |  Lionel Rolfe  |  10-24-2014  |  Movies

The Snowden: Effect Edward Snowden — During and After

Laura Poitras’s fascinating documentary, about the process and aftermath of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s earth-shattering revelations, is an essential historical filmic document.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  10-20-2014  |  Reviews

'The Boxtrolls': Big Themes in Small Boxesnew

"The Boxtrolls" is one of those movies for kids that actually deals with real issues.
Jackson Free Press  |  Amber Helsel  |  10-20-2014  |  Movies

Idaho Horror Film Festival 2014new

People love a good a scare, and the Idaho Horror Film Festival is giving Boiseans what they crave with three days of classic, contemporary, feature-length and short horror films--plus a whole lot more.
Boise Weekly  |  Amy Atkins  |  10-16-2014  |  Movies

Canned Heat: A World War II Tank Story

Writer/director David Ayer’s World War II drama is a gritty European-styled coming-of-age picture that reminds us how much the nature of war has changed in the past 65 years, and yet how much it remains the same.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  10-14-2014  |  Movies

An Incomplete Investigation: Gary Webb’s Story Gets Short Shrift

Investigative journalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It never was.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  10-06-2014  |  Movies

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