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The Silver Jews' David Berman Keeps His Demons at Baynew

On the surface, Berman's more together than he's ever been.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  10-06-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Taking Apart Rock Journalism and Loving Country with David Berman of Silver Jewsnew

Berman is a really fun -- gabby, even -- intelligent, well-read, and eminently likable dude, willing to break it down with sincere, self-effacing erudition and venture off on thoughtful tangents.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Kimberly Chun  |  09-24-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Meet David Berman: Poet, Musician, Truth-Tellernew

The Silver Jews frontman, not unlike former Poet Laureate Billy Collins, is the rare poet who writes poetry for people who don't think they like poetry. His writing -- and his songs -- are accessible, and hold great truth for anyone who cares to pay attention.
Tucson Weekly  |  Stephen Seigel  |  09-18-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Silver Jews' David Berman Wants His New Songs to be Instructivenew

It's surreal -- but not in the usual Silver Jews way -- to encounter these wholly irony-free lyrics from Berman.
INDY Week  |  Randy Bickford  |  09-11-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Rock Reflections from Silver Jews' David Bermannew

Berman talks about touring, faith, and fighting with Frank Black.
Montreal Mirror  |  Johnson Cummins  |  08-29-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

David Berman Finds Comfort in the Twangnew

If Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea is any indication, David Berman's fortunes are improving. Compared to 2005's knotty, uneven Tanglewood Numbers – which arrived on the heels of an extended period wherein the poet and Silver Jews frontman grappled with medical and substance-abuse problems – it's relatively frisky and oblique.
Orlando Weekly  |  Raymond Cummings  |  06-26-2008  |  Reviews

'Lookout' Brings a New Plot Twist to the Silver Jews Saganew

Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea is an ecstatic experience in the literal sense, an often joyous, crisp rock album that leaves David Berman poised on another precipice, ready to start another chapter or, should he desire, a new book altogether.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Brendan Fitzgerald  |  06-25-2008  |  Reviews

Silver Jews Pair Simple Melodies with Complex Lyricsnew

Even after trading chemical dependency for religion, David Berman remains a deadpan wit of charm and skill, as he demonstrates on Lookout, the first Silver Jews record made without assistance from Berman's longtime cohort, Pavement leader Stephen Malkmus.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  06-17-2008  |  Reviews

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