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L.A. Fashion Week Returns to Formnew

What's a VIP to do without a VIP tent? Gone was the traditional celebrity secure zone from this year's Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Culver City.
L.A. Weekly  |  Linda Immediato  |  11-02-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Scrunchiesnew

A cloth-covered, elasticized hair tie symbolic of the '80s and early '90s, several supposed trendsetting celebs were photographed within the last few months wearing them: Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen ... and in public.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  10-30-2007  |  Fashion

King Baby's Royal Weldingnew

The studio makes jewelry fit for a king or a queen, baby.
L.A. Weekly  |  Linda Immediato  |  10-26-2007  |  Fashion

Portland Welcomes the World to Fashion Weeknew

With the time feeling nigh for something to strike, the organizers behind Portland Fashion Week have drawn together an international collection of designers under the shared ideal of green fashion.
The Portland Mercury  |  Marjorie Skinner  |  10-18-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Longchamp Le Pillage Bagsnew

Parisiennes love them, probably due to their convenient sizes, reasonable prices and ability to hold your 8 pounds of "essentials" while managing to still look classy as hell without trying too hard -- they're pure, understated elegance.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  10-16-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Sidekick Scourgenew

I always used to make fun of my friends for clicking away on their T-Mobile Sidekick cell phones in the middle of dinner, work, class, or whenever they had a second to spare.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  10-02-2007  |  Fashion

Don't Taser-T Me, Bronew

Ah, the sweet stench of Internet entrepreneurship!
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  09-27-2007  |  Fashion

I Will Not Love You Long Timenew

Originally founded as a surfwear company in 1992, Blacklava has come to be known for their shirts and sweat shirts championing various worthy Asian-American rights issues.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  09-26-2007  |  Fashion

British Columbia Fashion Week Returnsnew

After the one-season hiatus that left local fashion editors and buyers scrambling to schedule their own go-sees with designers, BC Fashion Week runs from September 24 to 29.
The Georgia Straight  |  Rebecca Tay  |  09-21-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: On Designer Jeansnew

"You like that there's some highly recognizable stitching on your butt that allows people to know exactly how much you spent."
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  09-19-2007  |  Fashion

Philadelphia Weekly's Fashion Guidenew

Our look as a city is singular, and says a lot about who we are: We take the lowest forms and elevate them to high art, and not just by pasting random shreds together with Elmer’s. It’s a fashion informed by hand-picked care and love, and fused into something uniquely Philadelphian.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Staff  |  09-17-2007  |  Fashion

Chicago Fall Fashion 2007new

We invited a dozen regular Chicagoans with singular style into the studio and asked them to create an outfit on the spot from clothes and accessories provided by local designers and retailers -- combined with some of their own favorite items, of course.
Chicago Reader  |  Heather Kenny  |  09-17-2007  |  Fashion

What's With 'Friendship Slut' T-Shirts?new

Oxymoronic shirts are sad signs of ADD's toll on our relationhips.
NOW Magazine  |  Sheila Gostick  |  09-14-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Toys, the New Chicnew

There's designer everything these days, including toys. The toys, however, are often affordable.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  09-11-2007  |  Fashion

Fashion's Gender Junctionnew

Menswear for women is a big deal again, hearkening back to the days when Yves Saint Laurent sweet-talked women out of their skirts and into his pants, suits, tuxedos, and more.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Kendra Gilbert  |  08-31-2007  |  Fashion

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